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Pack of 6 bags


Nutritional information (per 25g)

Energy 83.7 kcal

50g rice

Vitamin E 2.61mg

50g pumpkin

Folic acid 99.6mg

50g spinach

11.5g protein

55g chicken breast

Vitamin B1 0.5mg

250g of soba

Vitamin C 921.5mg

6 lemons

Pantothenic acid 2.0mg

130g avocado

Fat 1.9g

28 almonds

Vitamin B2 0.58mg

350ml milk

Calcium 182.6mg

180g milk

Carbohydrates 5.2g

35g rice

Niacin 5.4mg

50g chicken fillet

Zinc 0.83mg

15g cashew nuts

Vitamin D 2.28ug

13g dried shiitake mushrooms

Vitamin B6 0.54mg

Tuna 50g

Magnesium 91.3mg

Yogurt 800g

Salt equivalent amount 0.4g

Miso soup 1/3

Vitamin B12 1.0mg

Beef shoulder loin 100g

Iron 3.32mg

160g spinach

Vitamin A 319.6/g

220g carrots

On the move!

OK to eat or drink!

Vegetable Protein

15 types of vitamins & minerals

4 Types of Superfoods

Complete Nutritional Food


next generation food

Two ways to eat and drink
11.5g plant-based protein
15 essential vitamins and minerals
4 superfoods
low in carbohydrates
Next generation food for people on the go
No processed sugar
Grain/wheat free
guilt free food
No scoop/no spills
lammer lammer

World's first innovation

"Dr. Zach Bell and his team of scientists have created the world's first invention that turns protein powder into a pill that you can eat like ramune. It can also be easily dissolved in water to make a smoothie.

Protein Ramuné is a science-based supplement: real ingredients with real benefits! "

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