On the Go

Drink Or Eat

Plant Based Protein

15 vitamins & Minerals

4 Superfoods

Meal Replacement

Tastes Delicious


2 MEALS for ¥998

Introducing our Protein Ramuné Trial Pack – a perfect opportunity to experience the delectable flavours of Super Berry and Sheekwasa & Pineapple!


14 MEALS for ¥4,890

A refreshing tropical fusion of tangy shekwasa and juicy pineapple, perfect for hot summer days and a great source of vitamin C.


Introducing Protein Ramuné, a health food product that is free from granulated sugar and low in carbohydrates. This innovative creation harnesses the power of Seed-Technology, developed by co-founder and exceptional scientist, Dr. Zach Bell PhD, to deliver a perfect blend of health and enjoyment. Each packet of Protein Ramuné is packed with 11.5g of plant-based protein, 15 vital vitamins and minerals, 4 superfoods, and the authentic flavours of Okinawa with a touch of sweetness from real fruit ingredients.

Protein Ramuné offers versatile enjoyment, whether savoring it as a convenient Ramuné snack or transforming it into a refreshing smoothie by simply mixing it with water. No matter where or when, you can easily indulge in delicious and nourishing moments. Beyond being just a product, Protein Ramuné embodies the strong mission and vision of our co-founder, Shizuka Jennifer Yamamoto, who is dedicated to creating health food that positively impacts people's lives.

Let's embark on this journey together and experience the remarkable benefits of Protein Ramuné.

4 Superfoods

11.5 Protein

15 Vitamins & Minerals

Ultimate Convenience

Healthy snacking made easy - no blender, shaker or fridge required! Enjoy ultimate convenience on the go.

Enjoy it two ways

Have the best of both worlds! You can either savour its delicious taste and eat it like traditional Ramuné or easily add water and watch it dissolve for a tasty smoothie.

Fullness through fizz

Unleash the power of FIZZ when eating on its own or transforming Protein Ramuné into a smoothie! It may help you feel fuller and more in control of your hunger cravings. The effervescence can have an appetite-suppressant effect, making Protein Ramuné the perfect snack choice.

Real Ingredients

Revolutionizing meal replacements with plant-based protein, 15 vital vitamins & minerals, 4 superfoods, low carbs, no processed sugars and it tastes delicious!

World First Innovation

Protein Ramuné is a world first food-tech invention researched and developed over a four-year period by our Co-Founder Dr. Zach Bell PhD and his team of scientists.

expert review


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    "Regarding Shima Okinawa's products, I feel that they are wonderful because they provide a delicious and convenient way to obtain essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals that may be lacking in our regular meals. The product has a high nutrient density compared to other supplements, so I can consume it with peace of mind. It is a great recommendation as a nutritional supplement that can be easily incorporated into our daily health and beauty routines."

    Kono Sakurai, RD

Who is Protein Ramuné For?

Healthy Convenience for Active Living

Unlock the power of Protein Ramuné, - the ultimate snack for travel, gym goers, yogis, and individuals with a jam-packed schedule! Our unique formula is tailor-made for those leading active lifestyles, offering a quick and convenient protein source to power through your day. Whether you're hitting the gym, mastering yoga poses, or conquering your to-do list, Protein Ramuné is the perfect on-the-go solution to keep you energized and fueled.